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Call center short-staffed? Hire Assort!

Handle unlimited calls without the head count. Reduce hold times, decrease dropped calls, and control costs while increasing appointment revenue with our AI-powered call center.

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Built with experts from

David H. Garelick, MD

Managing Partner,
Illinois Bone and Joint Chicago Division

“Assort Health's voice AI technology has been a game-changer for our clinic. We've experienced a staggering 2.7x decrease in call drop rates and cut our average hold time by 56%. This has significantly enhanced our ability to serve more patients and grow our practice without needing to manage more staff. Truly a remarkable transformation.”


decrease in call drop rate
40%  ->  15%


decrease in average hold time
5m 26s  ->  2m 23s



The leading generative AI built specifically for healthcare call centers.


call drop rate decrease


cost reduction


revenue increase


patient interactions

The “call-center crisis”, where every patient call is an expensive, manual process, is the perfect opportunity for AI.

Assort helps healthcare organizations transform these calls into revenue, clearing a path for your business to grow.


Overwhelming demand causes burnout


Scaling is a zero-sum game


Diminishing demand prevents growth


of calls go unanswered. Operators are swamped, handling over 100 calls daily, leading to burnout and churn.


of staff leave every year. Growing your practice becomes a nightmare, as every new provider requires expensive call center staffing.


of patients hang up after 1 minute on hold, and 20% of patients change providers due to long hold times. When patients can't get through, they turn elsewhere.

Reduce Call Burden & Book More Patients with Assort

We use AI and NLP to understand what callers need, then integrate with your EHR to resolve patient inquiries with no human needed.


Schedule, cancel, confirm, or change appointments 24/7


Answer questions about address, visiting hours, parking, and more

Web Flows

Get assistance directly through a web chat or online form

AI Analytics

Analytics and intelligence around your call center performance and optimization areas

AI Routing and Triage

Find the appropriate call line or provider with custom AI-enhanced triage rules


Send customized links & messages for reminders, scheduling with a specific provider, or important alerts

84+ EHR Integrations

Can’t find your EHR? Don’t worry! Assort is easily integrated using open standards, including HL7, FHIR and more.

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